Hello, my name is Nat, and this is my website! I don't know a lot of html, so the code is a bit of a mess…

This website is mostly just a fun passion project for me. So far, I have just used it to rant about my favorite TV shows and show of my pin collection but who knows what I will do next :)

If you are interested, then just click on one of the links to the left! (Or down below if you are on mobile)

Disclaimer: Everything is tested in chrome, and I will not guaranty that anything works in other browsers.

✨ Update log ✨

-{22/07/2023}- Added all my new pins from Italy along with a few others that I forgot to add before.

-{31/01/2023}- Added more thoughts on Teen Wolf as well as a review of the new movie under ‘TV shows’.

-{17/07/2022}- Added all the pins from our trip to Spain (we came home only two days ago hehe).

-{04/06/2022}- Added a new pin (from oooocleo on tumblr) to my collection and updated the text on my home page.

-{13/05/2022}- Added a review of Naomi under ‘TV shows’.

-{05/05/2022}- Added a review of Moon Knight under ‘TV shows’.

-{21/04/2022}- Added the ‘My brain’ page.

-{20/04/2022}- Added reviews to almost all the superhero shows I have watched under ‘TV shows’.

-{18/04/2022}- Added a lot of superhero related shows under ‘TV shows’ (writing reviews is still a work in progress). And I added a sparkly cursor on the home page.

-{15/04/2022}- Spell checked the entire website so far.

-{13/04/2022}- Most of the site layout is done-ish! And the 'My pins' page is completely done apart from spell checking.